Working Differently as a Black Millennial Woman

Meet the Authors

Jasmine Burnett

Jasmine is a co-founder of The Spoons Consultancy Cooperative. In 2019, she helped transition Spoons from a digital community of Black women and femmes to a creative consulting agency. Jasmine is a narrative builder and storyteller who seeks to amplify movement work focused on Black liberation. She is committed to creating spaces that practice a cooperative ethos and center the experiences and needs of Black women.

Raised in Atlanta, right off Cascade, Jasmine goes up for lemon pepper wings (flats only) from LTs, Aquemini, and the Sci-Trek days. 

Jasmine has a master’s degree in both City and Regional Planning and Public Policy from The Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her B.A. in Government with a secondary in African American Studies from Harvard College.

Paige Woods

Paige is a co-founder of The Spoons Consultancy Cooperative. Her involvement with the Cooperative began when it was a community for Black millennial women and femmes called the Life of a Single Spoon. As someone always seeking to foster community amongst Black people, Paige co-created the Spoons community to create digital and in-person space for people like her to just be. In a world that is always trying to come for Black women, she wanted to provide space for Black millennial women and femmes to build community, feel connected and learn from each other. All of those learnings have led to the creation of The Spoons Consultancy Cooperative which is a Black woman-led creative consulting cooperative. Her hope is that Spoons can shift the way we think about work and lead to a cooperative economic ecosystem that directly benefits Black people. 

Paige received her Harvard undergraduate degree in Social Studies and African and African American Studies with a focus on Black Community Development. She then received her graduate degree from the University of Oxford in Comparative Social Policy with a focus on mass incarceration and welfare reform.

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